Thursday, 30 December 2010

Trudy Pitts - R.I.P. Trudy Pitts 1932-2010

Trudy Pitts - Introducing The Fabulous (1967) w/ Pat Martino

Trudy Pitts - These Blues Of Mine (1967) w/ Pat Martino

Trudy Pitts - A Bucketful Of Soul (1968) w/ Mr. C.

Trudy Pitts - The Excitement Of (1968) w/ Wilbert Longmire

R.I.P. Trudy Pitts 1932-2010


Ian Van Groove said...

The net is littered with links right now, which is a very good thing. Here are a few worth checking out...
Doug Payne/JazzWax/Planet Barberella/Washington DC Jazz Network/Forgosa Fuga/"What A Wonderful World"

Bill said...

Sad news.Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

barberella said...

Oh, yeah!! Great website!! I'll to you, too. Thanks :)

barberella said...

Rather, I MEANT to say...I'll LINK to you!! :0....(need some coffee...can't spell yet this

Ian Van Groove said...

Thanks to Bill & Barbie & everyone else enjoying these tunes (but too afraid to say?) All the best for the year ahead...

WANTED: Trudy's next 2 LPs on Prestige!

"A Bucketful Of Soul" with Mr. C
"The Excitement of Trudy Pitts (Recorded Live! at Club Baron)"

both from 1968.

Any links welcome.

Prestontw said...


I just acquired copies of both her elusive 1968 Prestige sides - "Bucketful" and "Excitement" from some my contacts via P2P. These rips are not mine - average bit mp3 vinyl rips - but they do give you the flavor of Trudy's nice organ groove.

prestontw alias 'Sun Ship' Blog

Ian Van Groove said...

What a wonderful world! Big thanks to you Prestontw! A nice gift to wake up to on a monday morning. Thanks to your P2P contacts too! Now, these 2 excellent LPs can be enjoyed by many more. Long Live Trudy!

Ian Van Groove said...

FOUND: Trudy's next 2 LPs on Prestige!
(Tidied up & re-upped @ 192kbps!)

"A Bucketful Of Soul" with Mr. C


"The Excitement of Trudy Pitts (Recorded Live! at Club Baron)"

both from 1968 & well worth the wait!

Thanks again to Prestontw & co.

Check out his site, SUN SHIP = V. hip!

kissy suzuki said...


Anonymous said...

I am listening to Introducing... This is just brilliant - I'm in that basement club right now hazed out with cig. smoke and booze fumes just a jiggin' along to these soulful tunes - just as it should be... Great and thanks.

Radiodada said...

I was looking for these albums
Many many thanks for this great post.
Truddy Pitts is really an underrated musician in the world of jazz.
Keep up the good work

Liam Latrine said...

Thx for the chance to hear this :)