Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Gil Evans Orchestra - Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix (1974/2002)


Eugenio said...

thank you very very much!

Slidewell said...

I have tremendous respect for Gil Evans, but this borders dangerously on a lot of 60's easy listening "plays the hits of today!" The worst offense is the terrible tasteless guitar wanking away . . . I could imagine a much more successful interpretation of Jimi's music that didn't try to "rock out", but emphasized the deep musicality in his songs. Too bad. Wasted opportunity. But, nonetheless, thank you for posting this and all the other great music!

jellyrollfortheearhole said...

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed hearing this.

I also have to agree w/ Slidewell: It is a tad on the EZ listening scale but then that was the time. Muzak was still playing in elevators and every jazzer had tried to update his sound w/ all kinds of pop dreck (ever heard Wes Montgomery do "Windy?"). "Foxy Lady"sounds like a car chase scene from a Pink Panther movie. But what the hell, it's fun.

Great blog! I plan to check back often.